Managing Stress and Mental Health

World Mental Health Day took place on 10 October. This year’s theme: “mental health is a universal human right” showcased the importance of giving everyone the support they need. Yet despite the decreasing stigma of mental health and businesses offering more support for employee’s well-being, many people are continuing to suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety.

Increased stress is prevalent across many sectors in financial services. In a 2022 study, The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter found that 55% of mortgage brokers continue to work more than the weekly recommended hours. Moreover, a quarter of brokers do not get enough sleep during the week, leading to higher chances of depression and anxiety.

So, what can brokers do to help manage their mental health?

Manage your workload

Working long hours might seem more efficient and productive, but it can actually lead to burnout. Working beyond your normal working hours can cause your concentration, productivity, and mental health to suffer. Learn to say ‘no’ to additional work that you cannot fit into your schedule, or if you are required for a project, manage expectations so that you are not faced with too many deadlines at once.

Take regular breaks

Take the opportunity to get away from your desk during lunchtime. Socialise with your colleagues or go outside to get some fresh air. Taking breaks between large projects; you need time to recover, and rest is vital.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Set strict boundaries between work and home. If you need to work from home, do this in a specific area dedicated to work only. Manage your time carefully so that your professional life doesn’t infringe on your family/personal life. Having hobbies and personal goals outside of work can provide a sense of direction and positivity in your life.

Connect with others

Having friendships in the workplace can help improve the quality of your work life. It is also important that you have social connections outside of the workplace too. Having people to talk to is an effective way to address stress and feelings of isolation. Speaking to your manager can be extremely useful for managing your workload and getting support, but if you feel unable to talk to someone more senior, talk to a friend, a family member, or trusted colleague for help and advice.

For further information and support visit - World Mental Health Day | Mental Health Foundation OR World Mental Health Day - Mind.

About the author

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