Upskilling: Promoting a Culture of Growth and Success

The insurance industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, leading to a noticeable shift in the approach of firms towards learning and development. Many businesses struggle to find and retain the required talent, making it crucial to understand that talent strategies should receive the same level of attention and focus as the core business strategy.

In the current era of rapid transformation in the insurance industry and the UK job market, skilled employees have become a scarce yet highly sought-after resource. The introduction of new technologies, along with customers becoming more savvy in regard to their demands and needs, means that talent strategy must no longer be neglected.

Having a well-rounded T&C strategy can greatly benefit insurance companies in identifying the necessary skills that need to be developed within their teams. This can help create a positive company culture that values professional development and recognizes its benefits for individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Employee growth is intertwined with business success. Meaningful learning opportunities allow employees to thrive resulting in a highly skilled workforce that drives business growth. In the insurance industry, professional development needs to be more than just meeting regulatory requirements. Offering business and soft skills training empowers individuals, and encourages stronger collaboration, diverse thinking, and stronger client relationships.

To encourage and engage employees in upskilling, leaders and companies must have regular conversations with their employees about their career aspirations and development needs, especially during performance reviews. Additionally, flexible learning solutions i.e. online or in-person training sessions, scheduled ‘study time’ during the working week, and other development initiatives such as shadowing senior employees can support staff development and encourage engagement in upskilling opportunities.

Another key factor in promoting a successful learning culture is championing career progression. Showcasing examples of employees who have been upskilled and highlighting the impact they have had on the organization can inspire other employees to take advantage of training and development opportunities, which can further contribute to the growth of the company.

At UKGI Learning Solutions we are passionate about supporting firms in embedding a culture of continuous learning. Through our various propositions, including the Aviva Development Zone and Searchlight Solutions, we have been supporting the personal growth and career development of insurance professionals across the financial services sector for over 20 years.

With a comprehensive range of resources, an extensive content catalogue and flexible training options, you can be assured of a suitable solution to suit your firms learning and development needs.

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Laura is the Digital Marketing Associate for Searchlight Insurance Training, part of UKGI Learning Solutions. Laura supports our digital design, website and content marketing strategies for Searchlight. 

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