FCA Warning on Fake Emails

The FCA has recently updated its list of fake FCA emails to include the following domains:

  • mubeki@fca.org.uk, mubeki@fca.org.uk, ale@fca.org.uk. These email addresses do not match any FCA employees, but are being sent by mohammedubeki@gmail.com or alechaw2011@gmail.com. The top three subject lines in these fake emails are, "Project Loan", "Project Seking", and "Project Seking Loan" (July 2022)
  • @secure-fca.org.uk: potential scam email to firms using this email address (July 2022)

The above addresses have been reported recently and firms should be on the look out for any communications such as these.

On its website, the FCA states that the legitimate email addresses it uses are:

  • @fca.org.uk
  • @fcanewsletters.org.uk
  • @fcamail.org.uk

Firms should always delete suspicious emails without opening them. They should not click on any links or open any attachments, and never give out personal details, such as bank details or passwords via email.

If you have any concerns about scam emails or any other compliance issues, please contact your RWA Business Manager or get in touch via email at helpdesk@rwagroup.co.uk.

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