Equipping Your Team for Success

“No man is an island [entire of itself]” is a quotation attributed to an English poet, John Donne from a poem included in a collection published in 1624, but some four hundred years later has become widely used in the English language and still resonates.  

Working with the team that build and manage the Development Zone, the quotation seems particularly apt, as everything that we do relies on the support and talents of the entire team.  Whether that’s the development of a new module of content that relies on our content writers, designers and standards team to take it from an idea through to a full training module, or a new feature born from feedback from a client passed to our client services team, developed by our platform team and promoted by our marketing team. 

No man (or woman) working on the delivery of the Development Zone is an island – we are all linked together and work together to deliver the market-leading product you use.  (Or as the poem continues, “Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.)

I’m sure that the same applies to your own organisation, whatever the size of it – the success of your organisation depends on the work of all of the individuals within it.  In order for individuals to be able to contribute successfully to the overall organisation, it is essential that they understand their own role, and the responsibilities that it entails.  Having this understanding will allow them (and you) to be able to judge whether they are competent to perform the role, and the level of training and support that may be required to develop or maintain their skills and knowledge.

The Development Zone isn’t “just” a training platform – it includes some powerful tools to help you develop and manage a training and competence regime and enable your team to unlock their full potential.  These range from the “My Role” feature that helps you identify the skills and understanding needed for individuals within your firm, to the wide range of content around team development and T&C in our extensive course catalogue, right through to the “Team Management” screen and CPD records that allow you to monitor and review progress across your firm.

With training and competence at the heart of the requirements placed on firms by the Insurance Distribution Directive and an important element of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime, it’s more important than ever to develop and nurture your teams, and ensure that they have the skills and understanding to help your organisation succeed in an increasingly challenging and ever-changing world.

If you’re new to training or have recently taken on a supervisory role for the first time, there’s a whole specialism about Training and Competence in the main Content Catalogue on the Development Zone, with a range of modules to help you understand professional requirements and the practical challenges of being a supervisor.  There are also topics in the DevZone Academy that will help you monitor the progress of individuals within your team by using the features available to you as a supervisor or team leader on the Development Zone.

Even if you haven’t yet reached a point in your career where you’re responsible for others, there are some useful courses around working within successful teams in the main Content Catalogue, as well as help and advice across the platform about recording your CPD activity.  By recording the CPD and training that you complete, you will build up a valuable record of information that demonstrates your commitment to your role and can provide great support during the appraisal process in your organisation.

About the author

After gaining a degree in Computer Science, Tim spent nine years teaching in a number of secondary schools (11-19 year olds) in Wales.  For the majority of his time teaching, Tim led a highly successful team of teachers delivering vocational ICT qualifications and reached the level of Associate Assistant Headteacher before leaving teaching.  He has also been a senior examiner and moderator for one of the UK's largest awarding bodies.  Since 2013 he has been the senior developer for the Development Zone.

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