Connect Users

All regulated firms are receiving emails from the FCA reminding them to check their list of registered users of Connect. Firms should ensure it is up-to-date and remove any names who no longer have access and add new ones as needed.

This is being sent to all firms, so there is no need to be concerned – it is simply a general reminder.

It would also be good practice to carry out the same exercise for the firm’s registered Gabriel users.

In a similar vein, all regulated firms are required by rule to check annually that all their standing data is correct and current. That is data shown on the Financial Services register and other firm data held under the Standing Data section on Connect.

Once checked, the review should be recorded in the firm’s compliance records and diarised for twelve months to repeat the exercise.

About the author

Bruce has worked in financial services for the whole of his professional life, including 11 years as a Compliance Director of a US owned Independent Financial Advisory and Wealth Management business. At RWA, Bruce leads the Audit and Conduct Risk department from our Manchester office. He is RWA's lead consultant to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

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