New Job Specification and Appraisal feature launched on Aviva Development Zone.

The Aviva Development Zone team is proud to announce a new Job Specification and Appraisal facility, ‘My Role’.

My Role is linked directly to T&C plans and provides the ability to not only satisfy IDD requirements but to also complement appraisals with evidenced CPD activity.

For many firms, appraisals are often just another form filling exercise. The most frequent employee complaint is that although they ‘go through the motions’ annually, nothing ever comes of their appraisal and there is no solid basis for discussion in the form of a job specification.

Following the launch of My Role, the Aviva Development Zone will now enable firms to evaluate where an individual’s current knowledge, understanding and application lie; evaluate how those areas can be improved upon; identify tasks which an individual is undertaking (risk management); identify training and development needs; and structured career development and succession planning.

For further details, log into the My Role section of the platform:

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, RWA Chairman & Director of People and Learning, Kate Foreman, said: “Often, the system a firm has may well be inherited from a previous management structure. Systems may be so outdated that it presents no more than a tick box exercise with little or no opportunity to really evaluate performance or plan for future development.

“When it comes to the appraisal, one of the biggest obstacles to meaningful appraisals is the lack of understanding from both appraisee and appraiser. After all, if you don’t see the reasoning and philosophy behind what you’re being asked to do, you are not going to have a very positive attitude towards it.

“The Aviva Development Zone’s My Role feature provides a boost to firm’s supervisory and people management functions, bringing HR and compliance processes together in one place.”

My Role is a timely addition to the Aviva Development Zone, which will help firms meet the enhanced obligations of the Senior Manager and Certification Regime. SM&CR will require that management teams, from board level to the first-line supervisor, detail their ‘prescribed responsibilities’. The FCA states that management teams, “will also need to have sufficient authority and an appropriate level of knowledge and competence to carry out the responsibility.” The Development Zone is now perfectly placed to assist you at all levels.

As always, it is a mainstay of the Development Zone platform subscription, that any new developments and features are delivered to you - at no extra cost - and geared to add value to your experience. Should you have any questions regarding My Role or the Aviva Development Zone, please contact the team at RWA.

About the author

Stu has over 20 years of experience in overseas operations, local authority and financial services. He specialises in sales, service and learning and development. At RWA, Stu was responsible for e-Learning solutions until he left the company in 2020.

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