Case study: Trade & Export Online delivers for JoJo Maman Bebe

Katie Owen, import/export coordinator for JoJo Maman Bebe, recently completed all 47 modules within the Trade & Export Online e-Learning platform. Read about her experiences and the impact the platform has had:

"I’ve been completing the South Wales Chamber of Commerce’s Trade and Export online course for the last 4 months to help assist me in my job role as Import/Export Co-ordinator at JoJo Maman Bebe.

"The course consists of 47 units; each focussing on a specific area relating to international trade. These units have been structured into a well organised and easy to follow format. They have been divided into three main sections; Strategy, Planning and Operations. Strategy and planning cover the moderately easy to learn areas of international trade providing good background knowledge as well marketing requirements that businesses need to consider when trading internationally. The third section; Operations is the most complex as it addresses the physical aspects of international trade. However, I did find Operations to be the most interesting section, especially the units covering; Freight Forwarders, Modes of Transport, Transport Documentation and Customs Procedures (Import & Export). These were the units which I found specifically related to my job role.

"Each unit begins with an assessment that is made up of 10 multiple choice questions, designed to test your existing knowledge. After completing these assessments you can then access the course material for the unit. I found these tests effective in identifying key areas within a unit that I needed to focus on; allowing me to be more practical with my time. You can keep track of the units you have completed as badges are issued for successful completion of units and shown on a rewards wall. There is also a Learning Plan section on the course that outlines the units that have been undertaken, details how long each assessment has taken to complete and whether the baseline score of 80% has been met.

"As well as course content, this online resource also allows you to monitor your learning throughout the course, via the CPD section. This section allowed me to set objectives and review/reflect on how well they had been achieved. This section of the course also allows you to assess the relevance of each unit in developing your job role.

"Overall, I found this course to be effective in developing a broad understanding of international trade; as a wide subject base is covered. The course is well structured and easy to follow and gives you the opportunity to focus on the units that are most relevant to your position.  This course is extremely convenient as you get 24/7 access over a 12 month period, which means I could complete the course at times that were most suitable to me and didn’t affect/interrupt my workload at work. Useful links are included throughout the course as well as identifying organisations that you can turn to for additional support. Even though the course is quite large (47 units) each unit is relevantly quick to complete as the pre-assessments allow you to focus on the areas of the units that you need to specifically develop your knowledge in.

"This is a highly effective tool if you are looking to develop knowledge on a range of international trade subjects."


About the author

Tom has worked at RWA for over 12 years, starting as Operations Manager before taking on roles as Operations Director, CEO and most recently as Director leading the company into the digital age.

Before joining RWA, he was involved in helping develop the operations of one of Wales’ fastest growing utility consultancies as well as leading the Key Accounts team of a major commercial energy supplier.

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