The Aviva Development Zone – Get ready for IDD

Log into the Aviva Development Zone and you are met by a handy dashboard containing the most commonly used features, amongst which is a CPD gauge. 

This gauge graphically represents the number of hours of CPD the learner has recorded year-to-date.

Under IDD, everyone within the industry who sells, transacts or processes contracts - in relation to the sale of insurance products - will need to accrue a minimum of 15 hours. Depending on your role and responsibility, or Cii status, you may require 35 hours, so a CPD gauge will be very helpful in meeting this requirement.

The Development Zone can record CPD hours spent on e-Learning within the platform, or, it can also be used to record offline CPD activity such as attending conferences, reading or formal training sessions.

Not satisfied with just meeting the minimum? No problem!

The Development Zone’s CPD gauge can be adjusted to reflect individual or firm-wide targets. Simply click on ‘My Devzone’ in the top menu and navigate to: My Settings > CPD Targets. From there you will be able to use the sliders to adjust the CPD hours target.

Meeting CPD targets needn’t be a chore. With the guidance of a well-designed T&C plan and the support of the Aviva Development Zone, the new requirements can be managed with ease.

Get ready for further announcements on IDD related courseware over the coming weeks and months!

For a free trial of the Aviva Development Zone, please submit an enquiry at

About the author

Stu has worked for over 20 years in the field of sales and service delivery across both local authority and private sectors. The majority of this time has been spent in the areas of Learning & Development consultancy and practice. His experience has seen him work with major brands in overseas operations and financial services, such as TUI UK, Aviva and Close Brothers. At RWA, Stu leads the learning and development proposition through My Development Zone, RWA e-Learning and RWA Training, working closely with the RWA development team in designing and innovating new L&D products whilst making sure our clients are maximising their own opportunities with our learning systems and internal training & competence.

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