My Development Zone Scoops Digital Award

RWA is proud to announce that the e-Learning platform, My Development Zone, won the ‘Best Use of Technology within Education’ award at the Wales Online Digital Awards 2018.

The ceremony, which was held at the Marriott Hotel in Cardiff on 8 June, showcased the strength and depth of Wales’ burgeoning technology sector.

Commenting on the award, RWA Director, Tom Wood, said: “This award highlights the importance of digital transformation in the ‘edtech’ sector.

“The My Development Zone team at RWA has spent the last few years crafting a solution that is helping to bridge the skills gap across sectors.

“We have shown that digital solutions can grow organically and the community of thousands of learners who benefit from our skills development platform also help drive our innovation in a sustainable way, by providing usage data and direct feedback.

“We have a great team behind the platform and this award is a testament to their hard work and their collective ability to break new ground in the edtech sector.”

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For a full list of all winners, please visit:

About the author

Stu has over 20 years of experience in overseas operations, local authority and financial services. He specialises in sales, service and learning and development. At RWA, Stu was responsible for e-Learning solutions until he left the company in 2020.

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