Maximise your learning and development budget

Many businesses will have firm plans for 2018, detailing their organisational growth objectives and how they are to be achieved. For a vast number of organisations, included within these plans should be a section dedicated to the training of their workforce to fuel the growth they desire.

Training is a broad topic, which includes CPD obligations, role-specific plans, training and competence schemes of work, and a vast array of delivery methods, such as formal education, seminars, e-Learning, face-to-face training and mentoring, to name a few.

According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, on average: “Employers’ total investment in training [in 2015] was equivalent to around £2,610 per person trained and £1,640 per employee.” (

An average spend of £1,640 per member of staff is a significant investment, but it is also extremely worthwhile and some might argue even this is not enough. As with any investment, what is important is that the money is spent wisely to maximise the returns to the business.

Maximise your learning and development budget

It is widely acknowledged that training, in whatever form, is an essential component in retaining talented staff, meeting organisational objectives, and maintaining and demonstrating core competencies.

Many businesses are turning to online learning platforms to deliver their workforce learning and development plans. This is not a bad thing when the learning systems are integrated properly, but to date the cost of such systems has been prohibitive and the quality of the content and the platforms available has been very hit and miss and we have all had the mispleasure of sitting through endless automated online slideshows so that we can be signed off for a certificate.

It was this problem that RWA sought to solve when designing our award-winning online learning platform, My Development Zone. 

What sets the My Development Zone e-Learning solution apart, is the ease in which it can be integrated into an organisation, the big data insights it provides, the autonomy it affords the learner, and of course, the cost, which is a fraction of the price of alternative methods.

Organisations can structure digital teams within the platform, allocate role-specific learning, and record CPD activity – vital in a modern professional environment. Custom content can also be uploaded, which means that induction processes, or sector and product specific training can be delivered via the platform, whilst benefiting from the advanced recording and delivery functionality.

The cloud-based platform not only has hundreds of business skills courses, including a fantastic GDPR pathway, but users can access it any time of day or night on any smart mobile, tablet, or PC.

If you are looking for ways to maximise your learning and development budget, and increase engagement with your workforce, start by signing up for a free Development Zone trial.

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About the author

Before joining RWA Nicola was a recruitment professional holding posts such as Senior Recruitment Consultant, Senior Account Manager and Senior Business Development Consultant.

Nicola joined the RWA team as Business Development Manager covering all areas of the business before moving into the role of IDD / T&C Scheme Specialist.

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