What can insurance brokers learn from the Reithian Trinity?

When the BBC launched in 1922, its original Director General, John Reith, was quick to recognise the potential of public service broadcasting and the impact it would have on society. As a result, he insisted that the corporation’s output be based on three overriding principles: to inform, educate and entertain.

These principles have guided the BBC throughout its existence and continue to do so, even in the face of challenges from changing patterns of media consumption, new technologies and commercial rivals.

Reith’s three core principals are often referred to as ‘Reithianism’ or the ‘Reithian Trinity’. They are effectively brand pillars, which permeate throughout the BBC, guiding all stakeholders and maintaining the consistent values upon which the organisation is built.

The general insurance industry and the work of insurance brokers is also guided by values, set in place by the Regulator. These values are packaged in policies and procedures and as a result, they can lack the clarity and immediacy of the Reithian Trinity.

So what can the GI sector learn from Reithianism?

Documenting the core values of your organisation in an easily understood framework will enable every stakeholder to sense-check their day-to-day decisions and actions against an established standard.

Whether you refer to them as brand pillars, values or principles does not really matter. What does matter is that every stakeholder is aware of the organisation’s values and abides by them.

Examples would include:

“Our aim is to treat our customers fairly, to rigidly adhere to industry regulation and to sustainably grow our business and develop our people.”

Whatever you choose for your business, once established, be sure that you fully embed your values throughout the organisation and gain the buy-in of all stakeholders. If implemented correctly your organisation’s shared values will help to preserve a high and consistent standard which will doubtless strengthen your business as a result.

About the author

Peter is an award winning marketing professional who has worked for some well known brands within Wales and England. He is a forward thinking marketer, who is always looking to enhance the customer journey and experience as well as to attract new clients to the company through innovative and value added strategies.

Peter Townsend

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