The customer is always right, except for when they are wrong

For the majority of industries, customer service abides by the notion that the customer is always right. This is particularly true in retail and hospitality, for example. 

But what of those instances when the customer is wrong, their demands are excessive, unreasonable, or they are just downright rude?

In these instances, customer service and communication skills are essential. Having the ability to take a step back, remain calm, and most importantly, avoid making it personal, can make all the difference towards a successful resolution.

A broad understanding of active listening skills, questioning methodologies and body language can make the difference between a retained customer and brand advocate, or lost business and a vocal critic of your organisation.

The Development Zone contains multiple courses on customer service skills. Demonstrating proficiency in these areas is not mandated by the regulator, but clearly, the outcomes are in the form of TCF.

So the next time you encounter a customer who feels they are in the right but are clearly wrong, try talking with them and not at them. An open discussion may well deliver a mutually agreeable outcome

About the author

Amy is Human Resources Manager for HR Services. Prior to joining RWA, she worked in marketing for a large South Wales based Builders' Merchant. Amy joined RWA as Marketing & Design Manager in 2012 and has since taken on the position of Human Resources Manager in our Blaenavon office after growing her family. She now works closely with Kate Foreman, as both internal practitioner and consultant for RWA's HR clients.

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