Do you have a European (.eu) web address?

We have been speaking to a number of clients about emails that they are receiving from their web domain registrars about what might happen to their .eu domain names on their websites post-Brexit.

.eu domain extensions are only available for people, companies, and organisations with an EU address. This means that it is not likely that organisations in the UK will be able to renew or keep their .eu websites, with some registrars indicating that these domains will be deleted if they are registered to a UK address.

If you have a European address then you should look to change your registrant details to include this.

Registrars are suggesting that if you do not have a non-UK address, then you should take steps now to purchase a new UK domain name and to migrate your website and products to the new address.

As is with the current unravelling of Brexit, this may well change, but we would advise all clients with a .eu domain to speak to their registrars and put a plan in place.

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Tom is a Director at RWA. He has built a team of professionals that continue to deliver outstanding service and develop innovative solutions forĀ our clients. Passionate about change and developing sustainable futures, Tom is a transformational leader who was a winner at the Leading Wales Awards in 2014 and in the same year received a Distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University for his Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership. As well as his work leading the RWA team, Tom continues to work in the local Welsh community helping business start-ups, charities and enterprise facilitation initiatives.

Tom Wood

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