RWA e-Learning - Supporting the Welsh Language in Sport

RWA has been working with the Welsh Language Commissioner and Sport Wales to design and launch a groundbreaking new e-learning module that will encourage the use of the Welsh language in sport. ‘Y Gymraeg mewn chwaraeon’ is an interactive course aimed at sports clubs and coaches across the country that encompasses a wide range of sporting activities, such as rugby, football, netball and running.

Commenting on the project, RWA e-Learning Designer, Hazel Brewer, said:

“Working on the project has been very enjoyable for the RWA e-Learning team who have successfully produced an interactive module that includes video, audio and dual language capability to ensure that as many people as possible can access the content.

“Use of the Welsh language is continuing to grow in Wales and sport is a great medium for which people of all ages can learn and practice the language in a fun and stimulating environment. It’s also encouraged the RWA e-Learning team to learn new words around the office and got us thinking about how we use Welsh going forward.”

We are now also working on different versions of the module for FA Wales and Cricket Wales.

To view the course, please visit:

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