Custom Content - Cutting Through Complexity

In a year of abbreviation (GDPR, IDD, SMCR) you need to have a GSOH* to manage all this change. You also need the tools to deliver the expectations of the regulator or legislator.

With so many people requiring clear messages, to learn new processes or to evidence their competence to fulfil their role, the ‘what does this mean for me’ conundrum can leave staff feeling a little lost.

When it comes to educating those working in a regulated environment, there has never been a greater need for a specific and granular understanding of your learner audience. The “can everybody please read this!” email has had its day.

How do you engage your staff/yourself in a culture that promotes learning, CPD and T&C (another couple of abbreviations to add to the mix)?

At RWA we are continually liaising with brokers and insurers; we listen with interest to what keeps the profession awake at night, to the commonly held opinions and to the shared challenges the industry faces. These insights are what we use to produce the cutting-edge e-Learning solutions that our clients are putting to such good effect.

When we become aware of new developments, such as the regulatory changes that 2018 will bring, our in-house team of professional writers and designers will research and produce the appropriate course content which is uploaded, without additional charge, to the Development Zone. We also work closely with external experts, to produce specialist subject course material as required.

Each course is thoroughly researched, authored and designed to mirror the learning styles of modern professionals, but what about the individual learning needs of your organisation?

While the course library reflects broad industry training requirements, there will be times when each organisation needs to conduct training which is entirely bespoke.

The fantastic technical team behind the Development Zone have built a solution which allows every organisation to tailor the learning experience to their exact requirements - it's called 'custom content'.

Custom Content

If your organisation has a training requirement which is not covered by one or more of the 650+ courses in the Development Zone, you can use the platform's custom content functionality. Custom content allows you to upload training material of your own, all of which can still benefit from the same features (issuing, reporting, etc.) as any other course on the library.

The platform has over 35 different ways in which you can create, record and monitor your very own in-house learning material.

Here are just some examples of what you are able to achieve;

  • Your very own gap analysis assessments – find out where your staff members real needs lie on a specific subject, procedure or hot topic. What they don’t know will inform how much of your time and energy are spent on any subsequent training requirements. Justification just got a lot more tangible.

  • Your very own branded learning modules – creating product, process or personal learning events that resonate with the department or community in your firm for whom they are intended

  • Your very own reading material (with verification) – your firms learning plans are enhanced by adding documents that require verified sign off from the learner concerned. When we mentioned the ‘please read this email’ being a thing of the past, we meant it. Tailor your communications through this facility.

  • Your very own offline learning event planner – Not all learning happens in Development Zone. You have access to create and record any training undertaken by your teams with a direct route to populating their CPD records too.

  • Your very own Pathways and Programmes – Teams and individuals will need their plans and courses dependant on their role. Utilising these features means that you not only deliver a personal journey but you are also able to track progress more specifically

In a world that demands more from individuals and firms, and to ensure they can evidence the existence of robust training and competency, you have the tools to do just that and make it as personal to your people as possible.

  • GDPR is, by its title, General;
  • IDD is a Directive;
  • SMCR a Regime.

Cut through the clinical complexity and produce something truly engaging. Invest in your people, and they will invest in their customer, your customer.

Stu Rolls
RWA eLearning

*GSOH - Good sense of humour

About the author

Stu has over 20 years of experience in overseas operations, local authority and financial services. He specialises in sales, service and learning and development.

At RWA, Stu is responsible for e-Learning solutions. He works closely with clients of the Aviva Development Zone, onboarding them and providing on-going support, making sure our clients are maximising their own opportunities with our learning systems and their internal training and competence. Stu works closely with the RWA development team in designing and innovating new L&D products.

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