How can your firm benefit from bite-size face-to-face training?

Training should not be a ‘one size fits all’ process. Each firm will have areas of competence and areas for development, and each member of staff will respond to different learning styles.

Developing a robust training plan, which considers the needs of both the firm and the individual, is a key step in meeting T&C needs.

RWA’s ‘bite-size’ classroom training service has been designed to meet the needs of regulated firms and businesses wishing to upskill staff and meet CPD requirements.

Why ‘bite-size’ training

There is a perception that training sessions are overly long, occasionally boring, and that learners can ‘hide’ at the back and merely attend without engaging.

RWA’s approach to training is very different.

Our bite-size training is split into two-hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which helps delegates to remain fully engaged throughout. These sessions can be delivered at client’s premises, or at RWA’s dedicated training facility in South Wales.

Bite-size sessions enhance the learning process significantly, by fully utilising learner’s attention spans and focusing in on core topics, without any superfluous detail.

What gets covered?

In the morning session, which is usually 10 am -12 pm, our subject matter expert, Kirk Ford, deals with regulatory issues. This session serves as a vital regulatory refresher combined with useful guidance and updates.

Kirk will focus on any area where more guidance is needed, such as best practice for dealing with vulnerable customers, TCF, T&C plans, etc.

In the afternoon, usually from 1 pm – 3 pm, RWA’s business expert, Gareth Evans, will address supervisor and management skills training (coaching, communication skills, and encouraging feedback), all areas which of course are vital for those roles.

Each session is structured to complement the Aviva Development Zone e-learning platform, providing a blended learning solution which delivers enormous benefits for delegates.

How to book a training session

If your firm would benefit from bite-size training, covering both regulatory updates and skills development, simply contact the team at RWA Training for further details.

T: 01604 709 509

About the author

Kate is the chairman and co-founder of RWA and has worked for the company for nearly 20 years. She is a fan of developing practical, workable, business-led policies and procedures. Kate has specialist training experience within the financial services sector, including major general insurers, and the Lloyd’s underwriting and broking market. She has researched and developed numerous training programmes, both for commercial and in-house use. She has extensive experience of developing in-house and public training programmes for business skills, including Diversity, Employment Law, Management and Leadership, Motivation, Coaching and Feedback, Communication Skills and EQ.

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