Someone else is taking a REAL interest in Cyber Risks

It must be, oh, at least 4 weeks since we last mentioned Cyber in ‘Insight’. And what, dear reader, have you done about it, I might ask?

Read on, as someone else is now taking an interest.

Have you instigated a review of your own status or just kicked it in to the long grass?

If you didn’t have cover already, have you at least obtained a quote to protect your business?

And what about your clients? No, I won’t bang on about the sales opportunity, I’ll just leave it hanging.

And that someone else? None other than our friends from Canary Wharf. Have a look at

Note that they say that if you suffer a cyber attack, it is a notifiable event to the FCA. It was anyway but this paper takes away any excuse you might have had to say that ‘you didn’t realise’.

I hope it doesn’t happen to you but what if it was you ….. or one of your uninsured clients.

As the young people might comment, ‘just sayin’!

Ian Ritchie

About the author

Ian has over 50 years’ experience in the insurance business, as insurer, owner/director of an insurance broking firm which ultimately employed 36 people and which was sold in 2001. Subsequently he was a co-founding director of RWA, alongside Robin Wood and Kate Foreman.

His years spent as a broker made Ian ideally placed to empathise with brokers over the requirements and needs of their firms in terms of FSA/FCA compliance.

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