Let's talk about water…

Having just experienced the hottest weather for this time of year since 1976, I thought it might be timely to remind ourselves about the importance of staying hydrated. It might seem obvious, but it’s often something we forget about, especially when we are busy.

Why do we need to stay hydrated?

Because it’s the stuff of life and is crucial to the health of your heart, brain and muscles. You can’t think straight if you are dehydrated and dehydration also leads to constipation, which will make you feel unwell. Additionally, water carries nutrients to your cells and flushes your kidneys, liver and bladder – the body’s very own natural ‘detox’.

Firstly, don’t believe all the stuff you read about having to drink gallons of water a day to stay healthy: the average person only needs around 1 to 1.5 litres a day, consumed over the course of the day. It doesn’t have to be water (although it’s preferable). You can eat water rich foods too, like salads and fruits. Try to avoid fizzy drinks -even low-calorie ones as they generally contain sweeteners which are not always good for you either.

  • Keep a small bottle of water on your desk – if you keep the lid on you’ll be less likely to spill it over your keyboard, but it will act as a reminder that you need to drink.

  • Snack on fruit instead of crisps – they’re loaded with salt and will make you thirstier.

  • Drink tea or fruit teas.

*This guide is intended for the average, healthy person: if you have thyroid, kidney, liver or heart problems, or if you are taking certain types of medicine like NSAIDs you should ask your GP or pharmacist for advice on what is the right amount for you.

Kate Foreman
Director of People and Learning


About the author

Kate is the chairman and co-founder of RWA and has worked for the company for nearly 20 years. She is a fan of developing practical, workable, business-led policies and procedures. Kate has specialist training experience within the financial services sector, including major general insurers, and the Lloyd’s underwriting and broking market. She has researched and developed numerous training programmes, both for commercial and in-house use. She has extensive experience of developing in-house and public training programmes for business skills, including Diversity, Employment Law, Management and Leadership, Motivation, Coaching and Feedback, Communication Skills and EQ.

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