TOFU MOFU BOFU – Whilst it sounds like the name of a posh new ‘fusion’ restaurant, it’s actually a well-used acronym within marketing, which deserves wider acknowledgement and understanding.

The term refers to the stages of an organisation's sales process, which is typically referred to as a sales funnel.

There are three stages: Top of Funnel (TOFU), Middle of Funnel (MOFU), and Bottom of Funnel (BOFU).

Each stage is a milestone in a prospective client's journey, which requires a different content marketing strategy to encourage leads to progress further down the funnel.

TOFU – Attracting Prospective Clients

The top of the funnel is where prospective clients are introduced to your company or seek you out.

At this stage, you are looking to attract a wide audience and generate leads, which will be filtered as they progress through the sales funnel.

Leads in the TOFU stage are seeking out answers to problems that they face. Your goal is to deliver content, which educates prospective clients and defines the solutions you offer.

Content marketing techniques such as whitepapers, guides, gated content, tip sheets, digital articles, and videos, help to provide initial information, which attracts clients into the funnel and generates leads.

MOFU – Nurturing Leads

At the MOFU stage, you will begin to reinforce the position of your organisation as a capable provider of solution[s] to the challenges the lead is facing.

Whilst TOFU is about drawing in large volumes of leads, MOFU is more targeted. Leads will be qualified to a greater extent, which allows you to offer more specific information.

You may well have a greater understanding of each lead, and be able to create differentiated materials, which really hone in on key segments.

Client testimonials, videos, webinars, demonstrations, spec sheets, brochures, comparisons, case studies, and third-party reviews are all examples of MOFU activities, which serve to build a credible perception of capability.

BOFU – Closing

By this stage, you should have demonstrated that you can solve the challenge the lead is facing, and all that is left is to resolve any final questions, provide sufficient information and confidence to make a decision, and alleviate any concerns.

Trial periods, enhanced demonstrations, consultations, proposals, discount codes, are all examples of BOFU activities. BOFU is much more personal; having worked their way down the sales funnel, your prospective clients do not need a significant volume of marketing collateral and messages at this stage as they should have already covered that ground. BOFU is all about closing deals. It’s the business end of the process.


When either creating content, or selecting content to use when engaging with prospective clients, be mindful of their position in the sales funnel.

By educating your leads on the solutions you provide and allowing them to make informed decisions, you will hopefully generate more inbound leads, see an increase in conversions, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, just remember:

TOFU = Attract
MOFU = Nurture
BOFU = Close

Peter Townsend
Marketing Manager

About the author

Peter is an award winning marketing professional who has worked for some well known brands within Wales and England. He is a forward thinking marketer, who is always looking to enhance the customer journey and experience as well as to attract new clients to the company through innovative and value added strategies.

Peter Townsend

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