RWA partners with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce

RWA has partnered with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce to provide two new member benefits in the form of an international trade e-Learning platform and a professional skills platform which contains over 350 bite-sized courses.

The Chamber is keen to continue adding to the portfolio of benefits its members receive and were aware of the need for workplace learning and professional skills development. Following a thorough research and evaluation process, the Chamber opted for RWA's Trade & Export Online and My Development Zone e-Learning platforms, due to their course content, ease of use, customer service, and the ability to host custom content specific to each company.

Trade & Export Online

Trade & Export Online is a unique platform, offering businesses who trade internationally an opportunity to develop their understanding of the process, maximise the revenues generated through import and export and reduce the risks associated with getting it wrong.

With over 45 bite-sized e-Learning courses and assessments available, learners can get to grips with the core aspects of trade and export and how it might impact their business. Learners can progress through the programme in their own time and acquire digital badges on successful completion of each module as evidence of the learning undertaken.

The content covers key areas such as: The Reasons for International Trade, Marketing, Product Development, International Pricing, Agents and Distributors, Incoterms, Insurance, Risk Management, Foreign Exchange, and Payment Procedures.

Trade & Export Online can be accessed at any time, from any desktop, mobile or tablet device, which means that businesses and their employees have access to a live resource whenever they need to improve their knowledge.

My Development Zone

It is widely acknowledged that training, in whatever form, is an essential component in retaining talented staff, meeting organisational objectives and maintaining and demonstrating core competencies.

My Development Zone enables users to structure bespoke learning and development programmes, either by selecting from the 350+ bite-sized courses included in the platform or by uploading ‘custom content’ to meet specific training needs.

The courses within the platform’s library cover a wide range of professional and business skills, including sales, communications, management, supervision, and ‘soft skills’. New courses are being added continually, to ensure that the platform reflects contemporary market needs.

Businesses can structure individual or team-based learning programmes, allocate courses, set deadlines, monitor progress, and record CPD activity with ease. Learners can then access the platform and attempt courses via PCs, mobiles or tablets, providing them with the autonomy to progress at their own pace.

Chamber members are encouraged to review their staff learning and development plans and consider the benefits the My Development Zone platform can bring to their organisation.

Commenting on the partnership, Director of South & Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce, Heather Myers, said: “We are always looking for ways to further develop our member benefits. Training is always high on our members’ agenda, so e-Learning was a natural extension of our benefits offer. We conducted a thorough review of the available options before settling on Trade & Export Online and My Development Zone as our preferred solutions. What is really great about these new member benefits is that both platforms have been designed, built, and are operated by the local company, RWA, who will also provide ongoing customer service and support as required.”

Tom Wood, CEO of RWA, went on to say: “This is a hugely exciting partnership. We are Chamber members ourselves, so are well-aware of the fantastic support they provide; e-Learning platform is a natural extension of this.

“Any organisation interested in learning more, can speak to the Chamber, or contact us directly. We will gladly provide an overview of either platform and detail the benefits it offers.

“Learning and development is changing. E-Learning delivers course content in bite-sized chunks; as a result, learning becomes a continual and measurable activity, which puts the learner fully in control of their progress, allowing them to progress at their own pace and often outside of core work hours.

“The benefits are real – the question is: Are you ready to take the next step in your organisation’s development?”

For more information, visit /, or contact RWA on 01604 709 509.

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