Vulnerable Customers - #InsCares

This month on the Aviva Development Zone, we are focusing on Vulnerable Customers and we have made our Course of the Month the 3 module pathway on the topic.

Why have we done this?

Vulnerable Customers are an important factor in our industry as we strive to do the best for our customers and treat them fairly. It’s become such a hot topic that it is now high on the FCA radar as they look to examine how vulnerable customers are treated by the insurance industry.

Insurance Age has also launched their own Insurance Cares campaign (#InsCares) designed for insurers and brokers to work together to help explain the issues that vulnerable customers may receive in obtaining insurance, understanding what they are buying and understanding how they may be affected when they come to make a claim.

Commenting on the campaign, Jonathan Swift, content editor for Insurance Age, said: "Given the insurance industry's ongoing reputational issues - despite its best efforts in areas like treating customers fairly (TCF) and transparency - there is still considerable work to be done.

"In relation to this, one of the areas that is increasingly coming under the spotlight is that of vulnerable customers, and how as a profession, insurance, can cater for their needs in terms of both products and service."

He continued: "As such, I think a campaign like Insurance Age's Insurance Cares (#InsCares) is both timely and vital in promoting the good work the industry is doing, and helping shape best practice for those looking to raise their game."

Read the full article here:

How can you get behind the campaign?

  1. Assess & Learn: Start by completing the 3 modules on the Aviva Development Zone (

    - Dealing with Vulnerable Customers
    - Vulnerable Customers & The DPA
    - Taking Action

  2. Evidence & Reward: Earn your Aviva Development Zone Vulnerable Customer Badges
  3. Share: Use the new Achievement Wall to share your badges on social media and promote your backing of vulnerable customers.

    Get the behind the Insurance Age campaign by using the hashtag #InsCares in your tweet.

Keep learning, keep talking about it, and ensure you have a written vulnerable customer's policy. The team at RWA can help you with this if needed.

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