People buy from people, right?

No matter what industry, business, or role you work in, receiving unprompted positive client feedback on your personal performance is a fantastic feeling. Sincere and uncompromised feedback is powerful stuff and tends to come from those that are genuinely happy with your performance.

As the old adage goes, ‘people buy from people’. You could have the best product or service in the market, but if your customer facing staff deliver a poor experience to your clients, then it will reflect poorly upon your brand and offering.

Encouraging the right values in customer facing staff

The first step in ensuring that your clients have an encouraging experience is obvious: employ honest, empathetic, engaging, and capable people. It’s simple really, but all too often, poor experiences can be traced back to a bad apple, which can cause immeasurable damage to your brand. Conversely, an employee with the ability to go above and beyond and forge lasting professional relationships can deliver significant value.

Modern organisations need to take a back seat and rely upon the individual[s] delivering the service.

In the case of RWA Solutions, our staff are at the frontline, face-to-face with clients, understanding their business and often dealing with circumstances which could be difficult for the client to discuss.  It is vital that those in a service delivery capacity are encouraged to be honest about their capabilities, avoid misleading clients, and are given the ability to individualise what they deliver.

Trust is one of the key main elements in the success of any relationship, leading to open and honest communication, mutual respect, and constructive teamwork. It also allows those at the frontline the scope and freedom to be creative with the work they produce, offering a sense of autonomy within the parameters of their role.

Giving employees the freedom to forge their own professional relationships, not only empowers them but, when done correctly, reflects positively upon the business as a whole.  In my experience, clients certainly respond best to authenticity; a personal service not a scripted one. 

What’s important to note is that a good experience for the client also results in job satisfaction for employees. Win-win, wouldn’t you say?

About the author

As HR Manager at RWA, Amy works as both internal practitioner and consultant to RWA clients. Whilst undertaking the role of HR Manager to RWA employees, she coordinates the on-boarding of new recruits, manages employee absence and assists with performance reviews and disciplinary/grievance situations.

In a consultancy capacity, Amy provides advice to clients on a range of HR matters, including recruitment & interviewing, redundancy, discipline & grievance, absence management, contracts of employment, and performance management.

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