My Biking Passion and an Uncanny Parallel

Unless you are a diehard motorcyclist, the word ‘passion’ is often misunderstood and often portrays an image not shared by others.

I am Bruce Fayle, a passionate, almost obsessive motorcyclist. I head up RWA’s Risk and Conduct unit (both ‘admissions’ are not meant to sound like the opening statement in separate group therapy sessions….).

At a recent RWA Masterclass, I quickly drew some parallels between the underlying message of the session and some charitable work that I regularly give up my free time to do.

The Masterclass, focusing on ‘When the Inspector Calls’, was our way of drawing to our client’s attention that in the event of an emergency, RWA will always be on hand to help.

Similarly, as a Blood Biker, I and many other volunteers who work for the charity, are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, to help hospitals and hospices deliver by motorcycle, out of hours emergency blood, platelets, equipment, samples, medication, results and even donated breast milk across our region and often beyond.

But it’s not the sense of emergency that drives me, or RWA for that matter, but the overwhelming satisfaction of knowing that irrespective of the circumstances, we are ready, willing and able to do some good.

When I decided that there was more to life than vegetating in front of the TV in the hope of watching a half decent game of footie played by disenfranchised footballers and got involved with Blood Bikes Manchester, I was humbled by the commitment and dedication shown by the Trustees, fund raisers and fellow biker volunteers.

With nearly 5 years under my belt at RWA, I very much feel the same about the organisation and my colleagues who undertake their roles with boundless enthusiasm and often an irrational yet irresistible zest.

Just like my colleagues at the charity, all of us at RWA understand the nature and depth of our interest with and commitment to the RWA cause, helping us all see things more clearly, for why else would we devote so much of our time to something that we were not passionate about?

For a long time now, I have seen motorcycling as something beyond the stature of a hobby, just as I see that RWA are more than just a compliance consultancy.

Having been established for over 20 years and given assistance to thousands of businesses with expert advice and hands on support to build business strategies and help achieve business goals, it is only when you start to put both truly in their real perspective within your hierarchy of needs will you take a step towards healthier levels of self-knowledge and personal acceptance.

About the author

Bruce has worked in financial services for the whole of his professional life, including 11 years as a Compliance Director of a US owned Independent Financial Advisory and Wealth Management business. At RWA, Bruce leads the Audit and Conduct Risk department from our Manchester office. He is RWA's lead consultant to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

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