Mary Fealty, founder of Broadtree Solutions, details why every insurance broker should evaluate their business intelligence practices, and embed solutions that utilise the latest technology.

The recent court case involving Mike Ashley of Sports Direct and his professional advisors should be interesting to brokers for two reasons...

There is a vast amount of readily available information on GDPR, but how do you know if it’s all accurate and up to date?

The Supreme Court has this week given its ruling that tribunal fees (introduced in 2013) are unlawful, restricting access to justice and should, therefore, be scrapped.

The FCA has released the second part of the IDD consultation and has now advised that the IDD will be a three-part consultation with the third and final part to follow later in the year.

RWA Chairman, Terence Clark, urges all clients to read this document and make representations to the FCA, as it is your chance to help shape future regulation and also to help the FCA understand more comprehensively how the general insurance profession operates.

RWA challenges the merit of the FCA treating ‘layman’ commercial customers as non-vulnerable.

For any financial services business, the process of selecting a name is not a straightforward process…

Terence Clark advises all firms to consider embedding GDPR compliant consent mechanisms into their renewal processes as soon as they are able.

The recent tribunal case of Coghlan v Hideaway Club UK has highlighted the need to treat an employee’s serious illness with respect and due regard.

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