What is tax evasion, how can it be facilitated, and what do you need to know? In his latest Insight article, Terence Clark provides an overview of the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015, which came into force on 29 October 2015, is a piece of legislation that has mostly gone unnoticed by the majority of the financial services industry.

Our ever-growing course catalogue now has even more to offer our learners...

How many businesses when asked about training think it’s expensive and something that will take employees away from their work? If you think this, then you are doing your people a huge disservice.

For many, simply hearing the four letters ‘GDPR’ will cause their heads to slump, their arms to fold, and their general mood to sink to a level that even a good cup of coffee can’t lift.

Complaint reduction and handling need commitment and buy-in from all, not just high-level commentary.

Whether you are currently marketing your business, in active discussions about a sale, considering handing the business on to the next generation, or you are a business owner approaching the end of your career, this blog will help you begin to lay the foundation stones for your eventual exit or hand over.

Modern mobile devices are a tool, but whilst they are referred to as ‘Smartphones’, recent research shows that actually using them to make phone calls does not even make the top 10 lists of the most common uses!

Mobile devices offer a world of knowledge to their users, and it’s at their fingertips all the time. It is no surprise, therefore, that mobile learning is on the rise.

The team at RWA has compiled its quarterly review of the Financial Conduct Authority's communication documents, covering the period from July - October 2017.

If you are an appointed person or are responsible for compliance within your firm, it is important that you scan through the review, to keep up to date with the latest FCA documentation.

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