There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing autism in the workplace, but sensitive management will go a long way towards championing inclusivity and maintaining legal compliance.

Does your firm have a Business Continuity Plan in place, that adequately addresses ICT issues? If so, when was the last time that it was tested?

In this modern digital age, everybody seems to have access to information about everybody else, so it pays to ensure that what is in the public domain about you is accurate and current, so be vigilant because if you see something and it worries you, it will also worry the Regulator.

The FCA has now published guidance notes for Gabriel Returns, which you will need to be aware of...

19 new courses have been added to the Development Zone:

  • Accuracy - The Importance Of...
  • Dealing with Rejection in the Workplace
  • Employment Rights - A Basic Introduction
  • Inclusive Language - Introduction
  • Language and Power Relationships
  • Motivation in the Workplace
  • Negotiation - Introduction
  • Occupational Language
  • PEST Analysis
  • Production Methods - An Introduction
  • Retaining Good Employees
  • Sexism in Language
  • Staff Organisational Structures
  • Staff Recruitment - A Basic Introduction
  • STAR Interview Technique
  • Strategic Planning - Introduction
  • Workplace Communication - Introduction
  • Writing an Advertisement
  • Writing Instructional Text

In light of the recent ransomware cyber attacks, Terence Clark provides an overview of the key topics each firm must consider in order to get to grips with their cyber risks.

We all have ‘mental health’ – sometimes we’re on top of the world, sometimes life is a drudge. 

Most of the time, we carry on regardless and things tend to smooth themselves out.  We talk to friends, family, and sometimes colleagues, and set the world to rights again.  But what happens when things spiral out of our control and it all becomes too much?

‘It’ll never happen to me; I’ve got nothing of interest that they would want…’

We are pleased to announce that RWA's Our Meeting Recorder iPhone app has had an upgrade and a bit of a facelift. The latest development now allows insurance brokers to take a photograph of their client visit and attach it to the email as further evidence for future use.

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