BIBA 2017 is almost upon us, and with it is the prospect of a day spent networking, keeping up to date with industry developments, and re-charging your professional batteries.
By now, you should have a fairly good idea of the exhibitors you want to make a beeline for, and hopefully, RWA (stand C64) is on that list. If it isn’t, it should be, and here’s why...

How competent are you and your employees? How do you know?

These are probably the first few questions the FCA will ask you when they visit.

Each firm must be able to clearly demonstrate supervisory competence, adopt a ‘risk based’ approach to monitoring, and conduct regular recorded testing and monitoring i.e file checking.

There is no clear route to competency. Each firm will be different, which is why RWA’s guidance is important in determining the suitability of current practices across all levels of the business.

We are pleased to announce that Jayne Skyrme (Business Development Manager at RWA) has been voted in as Chair for Torfaen Effect Enterprise Facilitation.

The Torfaen Effect Resource Team is made of local business people who work together to provide free, independent and confidential business help and support to those looking to grow or start up their own businesses in the borough.

Training: Basic English Grammar - Conjunctions, Prepositions, Determiners, Basic English Grammar - Pronouns, Basic Graphology, Conversation - Introduction to Spoken English, Conversation - Politeness, Conversation Structure, Gender and Conversation, Health & Safety - Risk and the Workplace, Semantics - Denotation & Connotation, Semantics - Similes and Metaphors, Spoken English - Accents and Dialects, SWOT Analysis, Thinking about starting a business, English - What is Face?, English - Writing A Formal Letter, Working with Display Screen Equipment - An Employer's Guideystem.

Giving employees the freedom to forge their own professional relationships, not only empowers them but, when done correctly, reflects positively upon the business as a whole.

Within the closely regulated insurance industry, our day-to-day activities are defined by rules set out by the FCA.
It will not have escaped your notice that as well as setting out the rules by which we must abide, the [FCA] handbook is littered with guidance too.
So what should we follow? Rules or guidance...

Loss adjusters are at the heart of the initial investigation of an insurance claim and they play a crucial role in gathering evidence on behalf of insurers.

Given the importance of this stage, which can set the tone for all future dialogue with insurers, it is essential that a party representing the insured is aware of the role played by the adjuster, his rights and obligations, and what can be done to protect a vulnerable policyholder pressed to respond to a detailed investigation immediately following a significant loss.

RWA's ten top tips to ensure that you get the most out of BIBA 2017...

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