A 'how to' guide to explain why staff supervision is so important, and what represents 'best practice' in terms of monitoring staff, gathering evidence, and keeping records.

Many businesses find change difficult to manage, as it creates uncertainty and takes a great deal of dedicated management time and effort if the outcome is to be successful one.
Consequently, most changes are reactive, which can lead to the 7 most expensive words in business…
What is RWA Solutions?
Growth and change can present numerous challenges to any business.
RWA Solutions offer the knowledge, skills, and experience that clients often do not have within their existing teams to help overcome these challenges.
John Miller, Head of RWA Solutions, details what RWA Solutions has to offer.

Strong business planning and forethought is vital to ensuring that a truly defined customer centric culture is established and maintained.

In recent years, much has been written about achieving growth through acquisition. However it is easy to forget that for every announcement of an acquisition, there is a business that has been sold by its owners.

A gentle reminder, that with effect from 27th March 2017, the Initial Disclosure Document (IDD), that is one of the mechanisms for meeting the FCA’s regulatory disclosure requirements, will be withdrawn in its current form by the regulator and CANNOT be used after that date.

As someone who has a vulnerable close relative, I have seen first-hand how a robust vulnerable customers policy can make dealing with utilities and banking a lot less stressful for all involved (both for the vulnerable customers and their families).

RWA is delighted to announce that Steve Walton has joined the RWA Solutions team as Senior Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultant. 

The first two Aviva / RWA Masterclasses have been a great success and the fact that members of the FCA supervision team joined us as presenters just heightened the quality of the debate and information flowing from speaker to delegate and back.
The FCA speakers are joining us for two more sessions in Birmingham on the 21st March, and Bristol on the 23rd March, and Aviva has found us five more places at each.
If you would like to attend either the Birmingham or Bristol Masterclass events, please submit your details via the online form (link in article).

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