Public speaking is one of life's most dreaded experiences and no matter how many times I've done it, it's still daunting.
Over the years, I have learnt to apply all my energy into recognising the opportunity that public speaking presents, to firstly convey my thoughts and feelings on a given topic, but to also engage with the audience in a meaningful dialogue.
This new legislation may have serious implications for general insurance brokers and all firms who provide a financial service.
We would urge all firms to review their systems and controls in these areas to ensure that they are screening all clients and are thus not exposed to any potential criticism or penalty.

Successful business owners are familiar with the transactional approach to running a business (business planning, meetings, setting targets, sales and finance), but in reality, leaders are also very creative people and by harnessing creativity as a skill, we can all transform our businesses and grow them better, faster and more sustainably.


RWA and The Aviva Development Zone will be at the BIBA Conference in Manchester on the 10th and 11th May 2017. Come and find us on Stand C64 and join our silver anniversary celebrations.

We have seen advertisements from some companies offering training courses to help prepare firms for 2018... Such courses at the moment would appear to offer little real value given the paucity of information available.

The bigger picture here is that it is incumbent on all members of the insurance broking profession to play their part in helping the FCA achieve their objectives.

So after a bit of analysis, Lloyd's of London has introduced a nine-to-five ban on the consumption of alcohol, making it a gross misconduct offence which could get a transgressor fired.

We frequently see restrictive covenants that look impressive, but when they are analysed they offer little or no protection, generally because they have not been constructed specifically for the role they relate to.  Unfortunately, this often doesn’t become apparent until an employee leaves the company.

We all have sympathy for employees who are genuinely unwell and the majority of clients that I work with are a particularly sympathetic bunch, who sometimes get taken for a bit of a ride because of it.

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