The office party should be a time for staff to relax after a year’s hard work, to celebrate shared achievements, and to bond as a team. However, alcohol, festivity and the blurring of professional boundaries can be a dangerous combination.

The IDD brings a change in the language used when setting out the scope of your service...

GDPR's accountability principle is a lot like a maths exam - you need to show your ‘workings out’.

Bruce Fayle reflects on a recent conversation with a broker regarding their understanding of GDPR and what has been done to date in readiness for implementation in May 2018.

Terence Clark outlines the options each firm must offer when providing documents to customers.

The FCA has announced the 2018 programme of Live & Local events...

Client money will always be a hot topic and high on the FCA watchlist, so we urge all firms to review and challenge its processes continually.

RWA Regional Business Manager, Peter Stokes, explores the topic of client money account audits.

The Regulator does not want firms to have permissions that they do not need...

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