Culture and conduct reflect the underlying values and mind set of a firm, and as such, have a great influence on the behaviour of individuals within the firm. An effective culture is one that supports a business model, behaviours, and practices, that have fair treatment of consumers at their core. But it is senior managers who are ultimately responsible and accountable for the decisions that they not only make, but also oversee.

April 2016 saw us issue our 50,000th Open Badge for a successfully completed course. Now, roughly eight months later (Jan 2017), due to the increasing popularity of both the platform and of Open Badges in general, we have passed the 100,000 Open Badges issues milestone.

In RWA's position as one of the leading FCA compliance consultancies for the UK insurance broking profession, we are regularly made aware of issues and changes relating to FCA procedures. 

One recent example concerns the changes the FCA has made to the complaints section of the GABRIEL return. 

As part of our service to the general insurance broking community, we regularly prepare a digest of the most significant publications from the FCA. Given the volume of paperwork they produce, it can sometimes be difficult to see which is the most relevant to our sector.

Have your say on the future of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme levy

Now is your chance to have your say on the future of the FSCS. Don't sit back and hope for the best - make sure that you seize the opportunity to make your comments heard.

Change is needed. The workplace learning shift is here. Your people expect it, your customers expect it and the communities within which you work expect it. There are workplace learning skill gaps in education, within the work environment, and within local economies.

The FCA is inviting responses on a number of options for changing both the funding of the FSCS and the coverage it provides to consumers.

The FCA client money rules have not changed, but, it has gone largely unnoticed that your Client Money Auditor now has several new tasks to undertake as part of your client money audit, which will mean much closer scrutiny of your client money systems and controls.

CITA has been established as one of the leading online qualifications for trade advisors over the last ten years where it has helped hundreds of trade professionals better understand the areas of import and export.ine.

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