The simple rule is that if you hold yourself out to be a specialist and if anyone relies on your advice or guidance and in doing so suffers financial loss, then you might be liable. This is even if you are acting as a private individual and not as an employee of your own Insurance Brokerage.

Getting Close to the Client's Knowledge: There is a danger of dealing with too large a chunk of the Act at one time. What we want to do with these bulletins is focus on one key learning point at a time. The Act has a section on the knowledge of the insured and it is one aspect of that we wish to deal with today. There are actions that you may consider taking once you have read it.

It is vital to remember that you, as an employer, are bound by data protection obligations and often this is not recognised on application forms.  Any evidence of an employee’s right to work in the UK and any financial or criminal information is sensitive personal information and must be treated as such.  Whilst certain roles (particularly those in the caring professions and involving vulnerable adults and children, for example) may require the employer to check an applicant's criminal background, this is unlikely to be relevant for the majority of insurance brokers, since the request for information must be ‘proportionate’ to the role.

Wales based financial services consultancy, RWA, has teamed up with the Cardiff & Vale Credit Union to deliver bespoke specialist training in areas such as FCA Regulations, Dealing with Vulnerable Customers and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).

The second issue we want to raise concerns online and non-face to face business where gathering information will be much more difficult if a fair presentation is to be made.

As the year progresses, you may be finding that resolutions set on the 1st of January have lost momentum or been forgotten about. Even with the best of intentions, juggling both life and work pressures can de-rail your personal and professional goals.

The European Commission has announced that agreement has now been reached on a new set of Data Protection rules to apply across the whole of the EU.

The duty of an insurance broker to help the client settle a claim: There are a number of issues under this heading but one of the key worries is that there is a duty to help a client settle a claim and it is clear that in a vast number of cases, currently the client deals direct with the insurer throughout all aspects and steps of the claim and the insurance broker is only advised when the claim is settled.

Contrary to what you may have read in the British press, the European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) decision in a recent case (Barbulescu v. Romania) does not give employers free rein to monitor any and all communications made at work by their employees.

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