A Client TOBA is a very familiar document to us all and these were in existence in many firms long before January 2005, the start of FSA regulation.

We have launched 13 new Cyber Risks modules on My Development Zone which have been produced with Aviva.

As the Development Zone ecosystem and community continues to grow, it is important to us that we engage and provide more value to our learners and the businesses using Development Zone.

RWA Solutions approached 300 of those firms with an anonymous 20 question survey and almost exactly 25% responded.

We are aware of some brokers who have recently been affected by this. If you are unaware of ransomware or what your options are, then this could become a very expensive experience; consider the time in lost man hours where staff are unable to work, and loss of business because you are unable to access your systems for quotations and the like.

It is evidently prudent to keep some ‘rainy day’ money in reserve and whilst the FCA is not prescriptive about the amount of contingent element that has to be identified, it details that "adequate risk management systems" are required by PRIN 3 (which is mandatory) and a firm must "monitor and report the risks it is or might be exposed to" as required by SYSC 4.1.1.R (which is also mandatory).

RWA has been selected for this year’s prestigious Digital Dozen by the organisers of the UK technology event, Digital 2016. The 12 finalists chosen by Innovation Point are driving digital change and harnessing the latest technological advances to offer a range of trailblazing products and services.

Landmark penalty brings warning more employers may be caught out if they fail to comply. Swindon Town Football Club (STFC), which plays in League One, paid a penalty of £22,900 – calculated at a rate of £2,500 per day for the period its compliance was deemed unsatisfactory by the regulator, as well as a lump sum fine.

Northern Ireland’s largest insurance broker has been ordered to pay out almost £46,000 to a former senior staff member for unfair dismissal.

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