One of the most important factors when becoming a more effective learner is identifying the learning style that suits you best.

A business that has unmotivated staff will soon see the negative impact this has on their performance.

If you’re a business leader I’m sure that you’ve already started to make some connections between my running journey and the growing pains of your success. Chances are that at some point you’ve sat back and consciously thought ‘we can do better (or need to do better) but something has to change’. That’s the problem, change is hard and the ’too difficult’ box looms large. Change is inevitable and if you don’t continue to move forward you can be sure your customers will.

RWA does not want to become involved in your relationship with SSP although if you feel you are threatened by the situation, please let us know and we will do what we can.

There are some who wish to be popular and are afraid to be controversial or even honest about the possible results of The Insurance Act.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but some developers and businesses can often lose sight of the obvious in their rush to add sparkly gimmicks to their sites.

RWA founder, Robin Wood, has written two new insurance guides aimed at insurance brokers: The Alternative Guide To The Insurance Act 2015 For Insurance Brokers and A Handbook of Good & Reasonable Standards And Best Practice for the Profession of Insurance Broking (Commercial Clients)

Regulatory compliance and business consultancy specialists, RWA, have strengthened their business consultancy team with the key appointment of John Miller to the role of Head of Solutions. The new role has been created due to the continued growth of the company and to meet the increasing needs of their clients in both the regulatory and business support areas. John will be responsible for driving the service forward and helping RWA clients meet their own business goals.

For the past six months or so, I have been periodically bringing my dog into the workplace. 

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