Terence Clark outlines the UK regulatory landscape in relation to IARs, from 1st October 2018.

RWA is pleased to announce that Grant Scott has joined the business on a full-time basis as a Senior Consultant.

We all know it is important to take a break from work, yet with the speed in which the world is digitally transforming, it is also getting harder to switch off from the workplace to make this easier.

“Have you cleaned your teeth? Eaten breakfast? Are you getting enough water?” You might ask your children these questions – but should you be doing the same with your employees?

Competency is an industry buzzword used whenever compliance issues are raised. But what is it and how can it be assessed? Kate Foreman explains.

How often do businesses sit back and think about the needs of their employees?

As part of its broader review of insurance law, the Law Commission has published an updated draft of the Insurable Interest Bill (relating to life insurance and other insurances relating to human life).

Ash Patel, technical director at RWA, provides a brief overview of the IDD.

Having the ability to take a step back, remain calm, and most importantly, avoid making it personal, can make all the difference towards a successful resolution.

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