Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An increased reliance on technology during the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the problem of digital exclusion. What impact could this have on vulnerable customers?

How has the pandemic affected mental health and employment? We explore what employers can do to support new and returning workers.

The FCA has recently released a discussion paper on diversity and inclusion in financial services. What do firms need to consider to ensure they are sufficiently prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Flexible working is on the increase. Katherine Watkins explores the benefits, as well as the challenges, of flexible working models.

Our working lives have altered drastically, and businesses now have important decisions to make about how they want to work in future. Katherine Watkins looks at how organisations can support their people through times of change.

Covid-19 has disrupted our working lives. As your organisation continues to navigate the ‘new normal’, it may be worth pausing to reflect on the wellbeing of the workforce. Is your workplace a happy one? 

An increasing reliance on digital communication during Covid-19 has damaged people’s confidence, resulting in socially awkward situations for many of us – including insurance brokers. How can we re-learn social skills?

Senior Graphic designer Hazel O’Neill talks about the challenges new parents face on returning to work from maternity leave in a pandemic.

Employees may be feeling post-lockdown anxiety at the thought of returning to office life. What can employers do to help ease their staff back into the workplace?

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