On 6 April 2020, paid parental leave for bereaved parents will be introduced. Here’s what employers need to know about the new laws.  

Approximately one in seven people in the UK are neurodivergent, however there is still a lack of understanding and misconceptions surrounding neurodiversity. Here’s why neurodiversity should not be overlooked in the workplace…

Employees are protected by pregnancy and maternity discrimination law from day one of their employment. Here’s what employers need to know…

Everyone has mental health, and this can change from good to poor at any point in our lives, for any number of reasons. How can employers support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem?

People skills should not be overlooked - they can be as important as technical expertise. Here’s how to better understand others and show empathy in the workplace…

Performance reviews are important, but can often lead to tension and uncertainty among staff. How can the appraisal process be improved to provide a motivating and positive working environment?

With the party season almost upon us, it’s time for a reminder of the standards of behaviour that firms need to maintain during any seasonal festivities, whether these are held in or out of the office, and the duty of employers.

Remote working has increased in recent years and allows people to work in ways that may suit them better – but it can pose challenges. How can we build and maintain effective relationships with colleagues who work remotely?

It can be hard to achieve the perfect work-life balance. However, there are steps we can take to prioritise what matters to us and balance our professional and personal lives successfully.

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