In this article, Laura Roberts discusses the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can benefit the wider insurance market.  

Leadership is often associated with extroversion, but is that always the case? This article examines this misconception and highlights how introverts can be equally successful in leadership roles.

Following the recent speech from the FCA’s Sheree Howard, how can firms establish healthy workplace cultures that are built on a culture of “fearlessness, not fear”?

The news surrounding the recent Covid inquiry in which offensive WhatsApp messages were shared between key figures in government is a timely reminder for all of us to think twice about what we share on messaging apps and on social media.

The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture is one of the most critical challenges affecting mental health. This article examines how practising mindfulness in our everyday lives can help us achieve a good work-life balance.

Your actions and behaviours outside of work hours can significantly impact how you conduct yourself in the workplace. This article looks at the importance of upholding professional conduct both inside and outside of work.

Diversity comes in many forms. How can employers ensure that they are harnessing the strengths of their diverse workforce?

Despite the increasing awareness of mental health and businesses offering more support for employee’s well-being, many people are continuing to suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace.

A recent speech from the FCA’s Nikhil Rathi has highlighted the importance of extending financial inclusion as well as what trends in the industry could provide the solution.  

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