Emotions are inevitably a part of everyday experiences in the workplace, however, sometimes they can negatively affect your staff. In this article, we look at how being able to understand and regulate your emotions, as well as the emotions of others, can lead to success in management.

Introducing inclusive hiring practices is a good first step to creating a diverse workforce. But how can businesses ensure they create a culture of inclusivity that builds trust, provides employees with a sense of belonging, and helps to retain diverse talent?

Is your firm doing enough to promote the wellbeing of its employees? In this article, Regine Tse explores how firms can recognise and address wellbeing to promote a healthy, positive, and motivated working environment.

The insurance industry is facing several challenges and changes that require a highly skilled workforce. By investing in their employees' learning and development insurance firms can remain competitive. In this article we offer 5 benefits to upskilling employees.

Aon's latest Global Market Insights Report suggests that remote working can make employees more susceptible to cyber-attacks and highlights the need for heightened cyber security measures. What steps can insurance companies take to safeguard their remote workforce from cyber threats?

In the next instalment of our series on diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry, Regine Tse focuses on the protected characteristics of sex and gender reassignment.

Apprenticeships in the insurance industry have emerged to attract, train, and retain the next generation of insurance professionals. With 78% of employers reporting that apprenticeships improved their productivity, how can an apprenticeship programme benefit your firm?

Continuing our series of articles looking at diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry, Regine Tse discusses the protected characteristic of race and highlights factors for consideration in customer interactions.

Last week, we looked at diversity and inclusion in customer services under the Consumer Duty. In this article, we will be looking specifically at disability, one of the nine protected characteristics, and how it can affect a customer’s experience.

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