Human Resources

Katherine Watkins examines some of the surprising results of Lloyd’s annual culture survey.

IHRS, the Human Resources branch of RWA, is delighted to welcome Laura Findlay, the newest member of the team. We spoke with Laura to find a bit more about her and her new role.

Since the introduction of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR), SM&CR has significantly raised the bar for standards of personal conduct and put a more rigorous emphasis on management accountability.

What does the announcements for the UK 2021 budget mean for human resources?  

Some employees may have concerns regarding returning to work with colleagues who have not yet had the coronavirus vaccine. What guidance is in place for employers to address these concerns?

Employees may be feeling post-lockdown anxiety at the thought of returning to office life. What can employers do to help ease their staff back into the workplace?

Your people are critical to the success of your business. Katherine Watkins looks at the growing pressure on firms to create employee wellbeing agendas to demonstrate that they are taking a strategic approach the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

As businesses get used to operating in what is becoming a new-normal, some leaders are still not sure how to handle the effects of the pandemic when it comes to staff who are affected by Covid-19. Katherine Watkins answers some frequently asked questions.

As countries learn to control the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are learning to adjust to new ways of working. They are also looking at ways to bring employees back to the workplace. But how can HR teams support and navigate leaders to do this, based on their current policies?

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