Human Resources

What are employee's rights in regards to ensuring their personal data is being used properly and legally?

Katherine Watkins explores the challenges faced by teams involved in mergers and acquisitions and considers the HR implications involved.

Transfers from within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to outside the EEA (which includes the UK following Brexit) are only allowed where appropriate precautions are put in place. For international businesses that regularly transfer data from the EU to the UK, it was not initially clear what the position would be for such transfers of data from 1 January 2021.

Katherine Watkins outlines the implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on employment law.

RWA is pleased to announce the appointment of Katherine Watkins as our new Head of HR Consultancy. Katherine outlines the HR issues that face brokers and business leaders and how the RWA HR team can help.

What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught us about purpose and culture in the financial services and how can we use these lessons to ‘build back better’ as we gradually return to ‘normality’?

Imposter Syndrome is reportedly on the rise among business leaders. As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, many have found leading through the crisis to be the most challenging experience of their entire careers. Jess Capper explains the damaging effects and how it can be managed.

All financial services staff will need to be trained in the Conduct Rules and how the rules apply to their individual roles. What needs to be done to implement effective Conduct Rules training?

Managing and understanding the extent of authority and control within a company is a key element of ensuring good corporate governance. Nathan Matthews explores why having a delegated authority chart is an effective way of maintaining oversight and control.

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