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Have you considered the potential data and confidentiality risks whilst your workforce is working from home, particularly with regard to liability?

Redundancy can be a scary word in the world of business, and employers who do not adhere to proper procedures run the risk of receiving an unfair dismissal claim. Amy Foster explains how to deal with redundancies of fewer than 20 employees.

Many employers may be considering how to put in place procedures for a gradual return to the office. This article looks at how to create an environment in which staff and visitors can feel safe, in line with government guidance.

Working from home can sometimes be an uphill battle, particularly with childcare and other pressures to balance. Amy Foster explains why employers should show understanding through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently on maternity leave from her role at RWA, Amy Foster explains why it’s important that employers reach out to those on long-term leave during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our lives have been drastically affected by the coronavirus pandemic and we will be feeling its effects for a long time to come. Jessica Capper looks at what the ‘new normal’ might look like post-lockdown.

Working from home can be a surprisingly big adjustment, potentially impacting on both our physical and mental health. Kate Foreman looks at some useful tips to help you adjust and stay healthy home.

Research from the CIPD shows that only 31% of managers are “thought to have the confidence to have sensitive discussions around mental health.” But with a high percentage of the workforce now working from home, how will employers deal with issues of employee wellbeing at this stressful time?

As the situation continues to change rapidly, employers are likely to have many questions about what they need to do regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a breakdown of the latest guidance for employers.

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