Human Resources

How can we reduce groupthink and make better and more inclusive decisions?

New findings suggest that UK employees have taken less time off since the start of the pandemic. However, taking time off is beneficial and it’s important that employers communicate with their staff to ensure that leave is being taken.

In this article, Laura Findlay focuses on occupational wellness – which refers to the personal satisfaction that can be derived from one’s work. What are the steps employers can take to ensure the occupational wellness of their staff? 

What are the new statutory rates and limits that have come into effect this year? Katherine Watkins has put together a guide which explains.

The FCA has recently released a discussion paper on diversity and inclusion in financial services. What do firms need to consider to ensure they are sufficiently prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Flexible working is on the increase. Katherine Watkins explores the benefits, as well as the challenges, of flexible working models.

Our working lives have altered drastically, and businesses now have important decisions to make about how they want to work in future. Katherine Watkins looks at how organisations can support their people through times of change.

Covid-19 has disrupted our working lives. As your organisation continues to navigate the ‘new normal’, it may be worth pausing to reflect on the wellbeing of the workforce. Is your workplace a happy one? 

Over recent years, culture has become fundamental to the FCA’s regulatory approach. Where senior managers embody a responsible, compliant culture, better behaviours and better outcomes are encouraged – but what does this look like in practice?

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