Human Resources

A report by the ABI revealed that the majority of people who used insurance to access vital healthcare services in 2022 did so through workplace schemes. Could employers play a key role in supporting employee health, providing them with access to vital services and easing the social and economic strain caused by the UK’s ailing workforce?

The FCA has published the findings from its latest Financial Lives cost of living re-contact survey.

This article outlines the importance of CPD, and how to approach it to enrich the learning and development of staff and allow individuals to contribute to the success of a firm.

Several new employment laws come into force from April 2024. Firms should be aware of any changes to their obligations to employees and ensure that policies and processes are revised to avoid falling foul of the new rules. 

The Worker Protection Act 2023, (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) received Royal Assent on the 26th October and will come into force on the 27 October 2024.

Diversity and inclusion are central to firms’ roles as businesses and employers. The regulators have been taking increasing steps to enhance diversity and inclusion within the financial sector. What can small businesses do to improve measures for diversity and inclusion?

The FCA has announced that it will investigate banks, insurers and brokers on the frequency of sexual misconduct and bullying claims and the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence reports.

The insurance and financial sectors have historically, and reputationally, been male dominated. Current statistics highlight a lack of female representation and glaring gaps in pay and seniority, suggesting that diversity and inclusion is still an issue. This article will explore gender inequities within the insurance industry and financial sector, and question what can be done to incite change.

It is no surprise at this time of year that many employees may be experiencing burnout as the pressures of a demanding work culture increase. How can managers ensure that they are able to support the well-being of their staff?

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