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The FCA has announced that it will investigate banks, insurers and brokers on the frequency of sexual misconduct and bullying claims and the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence reports.

The insurance and financial sectors have historically, and reputationally, been male dominated. Current statistics highlight a lack of female representation and glaring gaps in pay and seniority, suggesting that diversity and inclusion is still an issue. This article will explore gender inequities within the insurance industry and financial sector, and question what can be done to incite change.

It is no surprise at this time of year that many employees may be experiencing burnout as the pressures of a demanding work culture increase. How can managers ensure that they are able to support the well-being of their staff?

The news surrounding the recent Covid inquiry in which offensive WhatsApp messages were shared between key figures in government is a timely reminder for all of us to think twice about what we share on messaging apps and on social media.

Your actions and behaviours outside of work hours can significantly impact how you conduct yourself in the workplace. This article looks at the importance of upholding professional conduct both inside and outside of work.

Despite the increasing awareness of mental health and businesses offering more support for employee’s well-being, many people are continuing to suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace.

When was the last time you wanted to complain, but didn’t? This article discusses why raising a complaint can be an exercise in problem-solving for businesses wanting to improve consumer outcomes.

Last week we discussed the FCA and PRA’s Consultation Papers on improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this article, Regine Tse examines why improving diversity and inclusion is important.

The FCA and the PRA have both published their Consultation Papers on Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Sector. 

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