Tim Smith looks at how the recording tools within the Development Zone can help individuals and firms demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive.

Tim Smith draws comparisons between individuals’ CPD and the steps we regularly take to keep our IT infrastructure up to date.

If you search the internet for information about trends in e-learning, you’ll generally find the same general topics and techniques being promoted year after year, often wildly promising to revolutionise the way that your team learns.  Tim Smith looks at some of the main trends in e-learning and what these mean in practice.

Tim Smith examines the importance of soft skills in the modern economy and the value that skills such as communication, numeracy and problem-solving have in the workplace.

Engaging managers and executives is essential to ensure that learning and development teams are given the time and resources to deliver effective training and to make sure that training is focused on the needs of the business and the learner.

As the FCA and professional bodies continue to focus on CPD, it’s more important than ever to review the way that you deliver training within your organisation and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the experience of your staff.

All financial services staff will need to be trained in the Conduct Rules and how the rules apply to their individual roles. What needs to be done to implement effective Conduct Rules training?

For individuals to be able to contribute to the overall success of a business, it is essential that they understand their own role, and the responsibilities that it entails. Tim Smith explores the need for firms to have an effective Training and Competence scheme and how the tools on the Development Zone can support this. 

Chloe Morris explores effective ways to overcome ‘telephone anxiety’ and how to make phone calls with confidence.

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