Is the Development Zone e-learning platform a tool for CPD or should it be seen more as a ‘toolbox’, with a variety of tools for broker firms to support their organisation? Senior Platform Developer Tim Smith explains.

Tim Smith outlines four key questions that trainers and learning designers need to consider when preparing learning activities.

As Adobe retires its Flash technologies after twenty years, Tim Smith explains the importance in keeping web browsers up to date.

Earlier this month, the Development Zone issued its 800,000th badge to learners – a major milestone in the development of a platform that has become embedded at the heart of hundreds of brokers’ T&C programmes. Tim Smith reflects on the significance of these badges in demonstrating continued understanding of regulatory topics.

Tim Smith looks at the importance of empathy in developing effective learning experiences.

Over the last year, we’ve seen an increase in the pace of change for training and development, moving further from the traditional model of classroom-based learning to a model where learning is entirely online. Tim Smith explores ways in traditional training material can be adapted for e-learning.

Tim Smith explains how delivering an effective training course is a bit like telling a story. It needs a strong beginning, middle and end.

Investing in a platform to support Learning and Development across your organisation can be a significant commitment in terms of both time and other resources.  Tim Smith explains how reporting features can help demonstrate return on investment.

Tim Smith looks at how the recording tools within the Development Zone can help individuals and firms demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive.

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