Most people will have come across the terms, “micro” and “macro” learning, but what is the difference? This article examines how these training structures can improve the learner journey.

A high staff turnover rate can result in a decrease in productivity and an increase in the cost of recruiting and training new employees. Employing a Learning Management System (LMS) can help mitigate this issue and improve overall business performance.

The insurance industry is complex and ever-changing. Onboarding new employees can be a daunting task. However, with the advent of e-learning systems, the process of onboarding has become much more efficient and effective. In this article, we will explore how insurance firms can benefit from using the Development Zone to onboard new employees.

As many regulated firms enter a new CPD year, learning and development managers may be giving thought to how to plan and design new training material for their staff. Nicola Mathias, Training and Competence Consultant at RWA, looks at why firms should consider creating custom content to enhance their learning experience.

Blended learning has seen an increase in adoption since the Covid-19 pandemic and offers businesses an efficient way to train and increase the skill of their employees. How can blended learning help your Insurance firm?

Without a system of protection in place your business is open to risks. What steps can you take to reduce the risk of unauthorised content appearing on your organisation's social media channels?

Although CPD is a requirement for staff at all levels in insurance distribution, we believe CPD can also help motivate individuals, improve performance and productivity, and enhance workplace culture.

What should a CPD record include and how can the Development Zone help you to provide evidence of your learning journey?

With just four months left of 2022, are your staff on track to complete their CPD hours? What are the most effective methods for encouraging employees to carry out CPD?  

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