There is no one solution for making all employees feel supported and comfortable. But how can insurance firms provide an environment which helps neurodivergent employees to prosper?  

Sir Richard Branson published an open letter in 2021, stating “The world needs a neurodiverse workforce to help try and solve some of the big problems of our time.” Companies with diverse teams are 70% more likely to enter new markets. Are insurance firms failing to utilise neurodiverse employees' strengths and creativity?

Companies such as Meta, Twitter, Amazon and more have named the possibility of a recession as one of the major contributing factors to mass layoffs. What can your insurance firm do to help navigate the possible upcoming recession?

Peer coaching is mentoring between colleagues who have no authority over each other. This allows people to share knowledge, feedback, and challenges and could help you to identify your next team leader or manager.

What is gaslighting and how can employers act to prevent it?

Promoting a diverse team will have many positives but may also provide some challenges. How can businesses address these concerns and enjoy the benefits?

How has the increase in remote working affected workplace bullying and harassment?

When deciding on whether to deliver a project or pursue a course of action, there should be a clear business case for doing so. What needs to be included in a business case and why is it important?

“Never underestimate the significance of keeping a team motivated.” This article looks at how celebrating small victories within your team can boost morale and keep projects on track.

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