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E-learning has opened up many new opportunities for education, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learners can access resources and attend lessons remotely, among a range of other benefits. This article looks at how accessibility must be considered to ensure that e-learning is available to everyone.

In this article, we explore the latest e-learning trends for 2022.

How we learn best and the approach we prefer is individual to us. The same is true of e-learning delivery. Did you know there are many different styles of online learning? This article looks at how e-learning provides a solution where relevant content can be accessed easily, on-the-go and in one place.

What is gamification and how can it be used in e-learning?

Our Development Zone Course of the Month for April is ‘SM&CR – Individual Conduct Rules’. The Conduct Rules set out the basic standards of personal conduct that individuals working in financial services are expected to abide by and apply to almost all staff who carry out financial services roles within a firm.

If you have been avoiding updating your CPD record this year, now is the time to make a start. In this article, we look at what should be included in a good CPD record.

Are you a visual learner, or do you prefer to learn by doing? Jessica Capper examines how e-learning can be designed to suit different learning styles.

Alexandra Brown joined RWA as a Client Engagement Associate in late 2021. Here she discusses her role and the support she will be offering to Aviva Development Zone clients.

There are many benefits to completing CPD, beyond regulatory requirements. This article looks at why you might not want to overlook your professional development.

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