Learning and Development

Employee growth is intertwined with business success. Meaningful learning opportunities allow employees to thrive resulting in a highly skilled workforce that drives business growth.

Investing in a platform to support Learning and Development across your organisation can be a significant commitment in terms of both time and other resources. This article examines how reporting features can help demonstrate return on investment.

The news surrounding the recent Covid inquiry in which offensive WhatsApp messages were shared between key figures in government is a timely reminder for all of us to think twice about what we share on messaging apps and on social media.

The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture is one of the most critical challenges affecting mental health. This article examines how practising mindfulness in our everyday lives can help us achieve a good work-life balance.

Online Learning doesn’t have to be boring. This article examines how gamified content can be used effectively to promote learning and development.

Diversity comes in many forms. How can employers ensure that they are harnessing the strengths of their diverse workforce?

The FCA’s Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer, Jessica Rusu, recently delivered a speech on the benefits, risks, and governance of artificial intelligence in financial services. 

Last week we discussed the FCA and PRA’s Consultation Papers on improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this article, Regine Tse examines why improving diversity and inclusion is important.

Custom content can be so much more than just courses. In this case study, we explore how one firm has adapted custom content tools to enhance the learning experience for their users.

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