Learning and Development

Decision paralysis can kick in when we are presented with too many options. As more work begins to pile up, it can be difficult to know which tasks to prioritise first. This article looks at ways of overcoming the effects of decision paralysis.

It can be challenging to stay focused and keep on top of tasks and projects during busy work periods, and there is also a risk of burnout. In this article, Regine Tse looks at some simple but effective ways to increase productivity and focus.

With 2024 quickly approaching, it’s time to complete any remaining CPD hours. Here’s a reminder of how to record CPD and where to start.

In this article, Laura Roberts discusses the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can benefit the wider insurance market.  

Leadership is often associated with extroversion, but is that always the case? This article examines this misconception and highlights how introverts can be equally successful in leadership roles.

In this article, Chloe Morris discusses the recent webinar hosted by the FCA and PRA and examines how improving diversity and inclusion measures can reduce groupthink in the workplace.

Being able to innovate is essential to the success and growth of any organisation. If a business is not forward-thinking, it is less likely to adapt to changes in the market, mitigate risks, and develop in keeping with the needs of its customers.

Employee growth is intertwined with business success. Meaningful learning opportunities allow employees to thrive resulting in a highly skilled workforce that drives business growth.

Investing in a platform to support Learning and Development across your organisation can be a significant commitment in terms of both time and other resources. This article examines how reporting features can help demonstrate return on investment.

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